Tailored Facials (60 mins) €65
A personalised professional treatment that corrects imbalances such as dehydration, dryness, sensitivity and hyper-seborrhoea to give the skin back its ideal quality and remineralise it in depth.

Tailored to your exact skin needs the Thalgo Heart of the Ritual is 1hr of pure bliss suitable for both males and females.

Absolute Hydration Ritual (for dehydrated skin)

This complex facial combats signs of dehydration to leave the skin softer. Texture is improved as the skin regains its true features. A comprehensive treatment that restores optimum hydration. The replenished skin is plumped from within allowing it to regain suppleness. Your complexion is radiant with beauty and dehydration is corrected.

Marine Softness Ritual (for sensitive skin)

This treatment is a haven of relaxation for all types of sensitive skin. It decongests and visibly reduces redness, leaving a fresh luminous complexion, with skin which feels calm and soft. The Immediate Bio Soothing Mask is a true SOS for irritated, intolerant skin.

Intense Nutrition Ritual (for dry skin)

This specific facial works to target dry or very dry skin. Using high performance ingredients, this treatment helps to restore and preserve the hydro-lipidic barrier. Comfort and radiance return as the skin is replenished with a Melt Away Mask containing Omega 3 and 6 for ultimate nourishment.

Algae Facial (60mins) €60
Our ‘Thalassotherapy Facial’ is perfect for any woman or man who wishes to energize their skin and rebalance vital functions.
Harnessing the natural properties of seaweed, this treatment optimises the skin’s receptivity to specific anti ageing and hydrating products. Has particular benefits for skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema or as an ideal pick me up for tired skin.

Collagen Radiance Smoothing Facial 25+ years (75 mins) €75
Give your skin a Collagen boost and correct the signs of ageing as they appear with this facial designed for first wrinkles. Experience instant smoothing of lines along with rehydration of thirsty skin.
Includes the unique Dermastim massage
Recommended as a course of 6 treatments  –  €390 advance payment required

M Ceutic Anti Aging Peel (55 mins) €85
A comprehensive three step programme designed to reconstruct ideal skin quality. Suitable for all skin types,
The renovating peel is key in the regeneration of the skin. Next the Mésolift Marine is designed to boost skin cells’ metabolism and maintain the appearance of youthful looking skin.
Finally, corrective intervention, through the application of high performance hybrid products, regulates and resurfaces the skin.

Silicium Super Lift Regenerate Facial 40+ years (75 mins) €75
Dare to defy time with this super lift facial, designed to combat all the signs of ageing at 40+, specifically loss of firmness and pronounced wrinkles. Your complexion will glow and lines will be less noticeable and your skin will be firmer.
Includes the unique Dermastim massage
Recommended as a course of 6 treatments – €390 advance payment required


A little info about MMA – The Thalgo Hero!
MMA, Micronized Marine Algae, is the double-patented product developed by Thalgo. Highly effective and easily absorbed into the skin via osmosis due to the special patented procedure of “micronisation”, this super concentrated powder is a must for all spas and salons taking the Thalgo brand. Used in facial, body and hydro-bath treatments in spas, clients can benefit from MMA at home by using the powder in their bath or by taking it via Iodalg nutritional supplements.

What does it contain?
Red Algae: Corraloid Lithothamnion
Brown Algae: Fucus Vesiculosis & Laminaria Digitata

What are the benefits of MMA?
MMA is an excellent source of the following nutrients:
Sodium, Chlorine & Potassium  – collectively regulate and maintain the correct level of fluid within the body
Calcium – Helps build healthy teeth and strong bones
Magnesium A – “natural tranquiliser” aids clients who are stressed, have trouble sleeping and are tired or run down
Iron – helps to carry oxygen via the red blood cells
Iodine – helps to regulate the thyroid gland activity and balance the metabolism
Copper – acts as an anti-inflammatory, making it excellent for anyone suffering with arthritis or rheumatism
Sulphur – regulates sebaceous secretions, helping clients with oily/problem skin
Silicium – helps the skin to maintain its firmness and elasticity – a key element in one of our anti-ageing range products

How do Thalgo produce MMA?
The algae is collected twice a year in the spring and autumn when the nutritional content is at its maximum.
The algae is dried either in the sun or indoors on racks.
Once dried, the algae is placed into super-sized processing vats.
Specific proportions of each algae are placed into the vats – 45% Fucus, 45% Laminaria & 10% Lithothamnions. The vat is then sealed and the algae are exposed to high pressures at a low temperature so the nutrients are not destroyed. The dry powder micro-explodes under pressure.
At the end of the cycle a soft, brown/green powder is produced which has a clean, fresh sea smell.

Patents -MMA has 2 patents
Medical Patent – which proves the products is beneficial to aid clients suffering with arthritis, rheumatism, eczema and psoriasis
Process Patent – to acknowledge Thalgo’s development of the pioneering micronisation procedure in 1966